All about Holly Valance's husband Nick Candy and his career (2024)

NICK CANDY is known for his enormous wealth, as well as his glamorous and famous wife.

The property tycoon is married to former Neighbours star Holly Valance, who he shares two young children with.


Who is Holly Valance's husband Nick Candy?

Holly Valance is married to billionaire Nick Candy.

Nick works with his brother Christian and is the older of the two siblings.

The businessman is from Banstead in Surrey. and was born on January 23, 1973, to parents Anthony and Patricia.

He is part Greek Cypriot.

I mean it's not as if you need to have a yacht... But then again we live in Monaco so for four or five months of the year we use it non-stop, every day.

Nick Candy

Nick was educated at Epsom College in Surrey.

He then went on to the University of Reading to study human geography.

Holly and Nick married on September 29, 2012, in Beverly Hills.

They have two children together - daughters Luka Violet Toni, born in 2013, and Nova Skye Coco, born in 2017.

The family live between the UK, Beverly Hills and Monaco.

Nick and Christian have made their fortune by redeveloping properties.

The duo are known for creating the lavish £150million apartment block One Hyde Park in London.

They demolished the former Bowater House and built 86 luxury apartments - marketed with prices starting at £20 million each - on the site.

The brothers then used their own company to carry out the interior design.

It took four years to complete the 385,000 sq ft site, which also houses the famous Mandarin Oriental hotel used by the rich and famous when they stay in London.

Another notable Candy brother development is NoHo Square - better known as Fitzroy Place - a commercial, office and residential complex in Fitzrovia, London.

Nick is a lifelong fan of football club Chelsea and had been in talks to purchase the club in 2022 but never made a formal offer.

Who is Nick Candy's brother Christian?

Christian Candy was born the year after his brother Nick on July 31, 1974.

He studied business management at King's College London and then began working for investment bank Merrill Lynch.

In 1999 he and Nick established their property business Candy & Candy.

Christian is married to criminal psychologist Emily Compton.

The couple share twins Isabella Monaco Evanthia and Cayman Charles Wolf, who were born in 2013.

The family share their time between their homes in the UK and Monaco.

What is Nick Candy's net worth?

The Candy Brothers are estimated to share a joint net worth of £1.5billion.

Individually, the brothers' net worths are thought to be around £880million.

Nick and Christian bought their first property in 1995 using a £6,000 loan from their grandmother and renovated the one-bedroom flat in Earls Court, London, while living in it.

Eighteen months later they sold it for £172,000 - making a £50,000 profit.

Nowadays, their clients range from pop stars such as Kylie Minogue to ultra-wealthy oligarchs and sheikhs who often prefer to do business anonymously.

Nick's wife Holly has spoken in the past about how much time her husband puts into his busy career.

She told the Made by Mammas podcast in 2019: "He worked on Christmas Day and even the day we practiced our vows [for our wedding] with the priest he took a call in the middle of it.

"He was like: 'Got to take this sorry guys!' I was like, 'we're at the altar practicing our vows'!

"So that's who I married, I know that."

Nick has boasted of his collection of cars and watches in the past, admitting he owns "too many" timepieces.

In a 2007 interview with This Is Money he also spoke about his yacht, saying: "I mean it's not as if you need to have a yacht.

"But then again we live in Monaco so for four or five months of the year we use it non-stop, every day.

"And a lot of my friends use it - it's a great way of escaping real life."

Nick has revealed that his next big project could be developing properties in Dubai.

He told AGBI in 2022: "I think Dubai is a great place to invest. It has a great quality of life and boasts a great education system.

"The city is world-class now.

"In the past you had some supply-demand issues where UAE property was oversupplied in the 2008 crisis, but the whole world had issues then."

All about Holly Valance's husband Nick Candy and his career (2024)


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