HOW TO PLAY NO MAN SKY(completely out of date, and abandoned for historical purposes.) – Steam Solo (2024)


this is the comprehnsive guide to end all guides

this guide will show you the way of no man sky

HOW TO PLAY NO MAN SKY(completely out of date, and abandoned for historical purposes.) – Steam Solo (1)The environment of no man sky is vast. it is important not to get too focused on any one thing. with all the rumors and negative reviews flying around it is very important at this point for me to share not only my experience and point of view. but the way that i play no man sky, and continue to love the game in its original state. i am not completely innocent, i have made quite a few suggestions for this game. but upon taking a long break and thinking about the game as i frequently do with games, i have found the best things about no man sky that are to be enjoyed.

this game is clearly about exploration. this guide is for you if no man sky has become boring, if no man sky feels repetitive, if you find no man sky to be a grindfest, and if you stopped playing no man sky for some reason. this guide is for you if you like site seeing and terraforming. there is literally so much possible with no man sky that you may need to stop and re-evalute any negative thoughts you have about the game right now.

that said lets begin. i love landscapes and no man sky certainly delivers them. the amount of beauty in no man sky is undeniable for those of us with an open mind. the planetscapes falling on landscapes with beautiful stars lighting every detail, the contrast of day and night on these features. the landforms generated in no man sky are sometimes breathtaking. this game is literally a photographers paradise. i would say that this is the main focus of this guide, to firstly and simply enjoy the scenery of no mans sky. if you cannot do this then you may simply need to take a break from the game. after all its just that. a game. if you ignore this urge to take a break from no man sky you may find yourself putting the game down for far longer than expected. this game if binged can seriously lose luster.

firstly enjoy no man sky. then when you find yourself lacking, feel free to destroy everything in your path. for no man sky features more than just nomadic landscapes, poetic remarks, and screenshots. no man sky features terraforming. you can literally demolish any distaste for this game with grenades. do not metaphorically destroy yourself just yet, instead think of a project. i want you to sculpt something amazing. i want you to push the game to limits undiscovered. take that grenade launcher and destroy that ground beneath your feet. load your exosuit full of plutonium and burrow. dig so deep that you cannot see the sun. when you reach the bottom. crouch(lol).. err. i mean sit, mentally sit i mean. and just think about what you have done. the landscape is permanently changed in your own personal universe, forever. when you have had enough of just sitting there debating the tiny influence you have on the universe i want you to build a simple jetpack ladder to climb out of the hole you stuck yourself in. once you get back to the surface. i want you to hunt for every jetpack upgrade you can find. build yourslef the best jetpack you can find, just something that works it does not have to be perfect. then find the nearest area that you find unremarkable and sculpt it, just totally destroy the ground until you have a block of earth to work with and use your grenade launcher to build something amazing. the bigger the better. nobody said you could not build things in this game. take it to the limit, become a shepard.

you can play photographer. fly around to as many undiscoverd planets as you can quickly look for the ideal landforms to take photos of. even sit and wait a full day and night cycle to look for that perfect photo op. collect many and share the best with your friends. make a chronological photo book of every planet you have visited.

even play scientist. dont know latin yet? simply look into some taxonomy tutorials on the internet and learn how to scientifically name things. it does not have to be latin or anything just use random words you know, thats it what i do. although learning latin could not hurt.

prospecting does not have to be a chore. if you find yourself on a gold rich planet you can simply walk around scientifically naming things, and taking screenshots while you just laser mine gold in passing. you do not have to farm the whole node there is plenty to go around! simply park your ship at the nearest station with a trade center and walk far away beyond the horizon, do a huge circle and have fun with these suggested acivities while mining in passing. nothing to scan? well then leave it all behind silly because life is all about moving on. go to a planet you have never been to and leave your mark.

now in 2019. we have access to money farms! just play through the entire base building campaign. to get to the sweet loot! no more prospecting just sit back and farm millions. if you want the detailed spoiler on how to farm your millions ski to the very end of the guide!

browse the ships for sale and customize your gear until it is perfect. admit it you do not need to keep grinding for the biggest baddest ship of them all. grinding in no man sky can become boring and repetitive just get your gear right where it needs to be but dont grind it all out all at once because i did that and needed a long break.

do not forget to scan frequently and look for things out on your journey. because you will find many useful thing like stones that teach you new words, or find derelict ship parts with tech upgrades you did not have. try not to collect things you do not need in the moment its important to manage inventory space.

there are only a few do nots i need to mention with this vast game. try not to focus to much on the repetitive parts of the game. as i said the main thing you should focus on is enjoying the universe. do not talk to an npc more than twice in a row. do not waste your time with supply drops early in the game. do not play through the story line too quickly, i simply turn to it when i am looking for something else to do aside from exploring. do not go out of your way to hunt technology because the buildings may become repetitive.

that said do not forget to take a break from the game as it only builds value while you are away from it. in fact i think i am gonna go start digging myself through a planet!

remember life is a journey, not a destination.HOW TO PLAY NO MAN SKY(completely out of date, and abandoned for historical purposes.) – Steam Solo (2)

this is a brief description of how i spent my first 80 hourse in NMS

HOW TO PLAY NO MAN SKY(completely out of date, and abandoned for historical purposes.) – Steam Solo (3)i started out like all the other noobs, just grinding away at as much gold as i could find. going building to building looking for upgrades. i did this for 80 hours until i was so tired of the game that i gave it a three month break. but all the way throguh the game i was thinking about everything i could be doing with the game. i found myself stuck in a rut, reading lots of sarcastic remarks about repetitive things in the game. eventually i found myself questioning the purchase like so many. so i took a step back.

that is my inspiration for writing this guide. i realised that i though of alot more things to do in NMS than many others. potentially i have the best game plan for playing NMS is the future so i felt obligated to share it with the community. having already created a guide on navigation of the galactic map i decided that i could also help players with more general issues in this indie game.

i am still learning new words in this game in 2019 which is outright impressive.

some people i feel got a much better start in this game and never got exposed to all the toxicity in the community. just imagine that little guy out there still recording his session and exploring. i found myself thinking i wanna be just like that person having only fun with this game.

so this is how i develop my approach. in response to myself. having spent $60 dollars on a game that is truly massive and features everything ‘promised’ i wanted it to be the best game in my library. having experienced some mutual distaste with some features of the game i left polite suggestions. but it was not enough i knew that i was playing the game wrong.

now i am playing it right. with the help of my own guide i am learning to use the mechanics present in the game to have fun, instead of ridicule aspects of an alpha game. $60 dollars for a few quintillion planets. not worth it.. $60 for a few quintillion planets+a grenade launcher and active community…. certainly worth it.

now in 2019 new features are still rolling in, take your time enjoying each exocraft. the nomad is particularly fun to take flight in. just hit the jump button and boost off the top of a mountain. best enjoyed on a lifeless moon with few minerals to crash into, or a plated planet where everything is an obstical but nothing is breakable(more FPS). exocraft are the newest most exciting addition to the game!

i already find myself craving this game again after the break and have a feeling i will play it many times in the future.

with the help of my own guide and many others i plan to explore and grind away at my goals in NMS with a whole new lease on life.

thanks. good hunting.

at the end of the base building campaign you should have the circuit board schematic and every plant. find a large rock pillar on a good lag free lifeless moon. make sure you can squeeze 15 bio domes onto the top of it. plant as follows: 1 dome of echinocactus, 2 domes of frostwart, 4 domes of solar vine, and 8 domes of star bulb. this will yield several circuit boards and net you millions. all you need is a landing pad to sell to any travelling merchant(alien who lands there).

also you can terraform the pillar and plant multiple layers of bio domes to really stack the dough. you end up with a bio dome skyscraper that can be slow to load but kiss your unizzle problems goodbye. (ONLY DO THIS ON A LIFELESS PLANET TO AVOID CRASHING)
HOW TO PLAY NO MAN SKY(completely out of date, and abandoned for historical purposes.) – Steam Solo (4)

HOW TO PLAY NO MAN SKY(completely out of date, and abandoned for historical purposes.) – Steam Solo (2024)


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